Batteries are the weakest link in modern critical power systems. As well as having a finite lifespan, inadequate maintenance and extreme operational conditions can make them liable to premature failure, so compromising your standby power and increasing the risk of expensive downtime. The high cost of batteries adds to the pressure, making proper maintenance crucial in safeguarding your long-term investment.

Through our long experience, Samurai Power service team is first to recognize the need for a stringent ongoing program of battery maintenance by trained specialists.
From robust testing to safe battery disposal, our dedicated teams will ensure your batteries deliver the optimum performance and longevity to maximize your uptime.


We undertake a comprehensive range of tests to ensure that batteries are properly specified, deliver top performance and to detect any failing cells.

We start with a full battery build service to verify that your new systems conform to all procurement specifications. With Samurai Power service team you can be certain your batteries deliver peak performance for the longest possible time.

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To comply with quality management systems including ISO 9000, you need to prove that your UPS batteries are performing correctly.

Regular discharge testing will facilitate this process, with our engineers running tests to produce the required documentation. By testing, they will determine the health of each battery and its ability to perform to specification.

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Internal impedance within a battery increases with age and discharge, risking failure.

Our engineers are trained in advanced impedance testing to measure internal resistance and to provide data on corrosion levels or other defects. Our fast and reliable tests are invaluable in monitoring battery performance, helping to minimize the risk of failure and reinforce reliability.

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If you’re operating mission critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it has to make sense to have battery monitoring.

It’s about peace of mind – knowing that the batteries are healthy and being constantly monitored. Knowing that everything has been done, that can be done, to protect your enterprise from the consequences of a power failure.

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We supply and fit batteries into all models of UPS and power systems.

Samurai Power service team also offers a battery replacement program for a wide range of battery supported products.


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Strict regulations govern the replacement and disposal of UPS batteries.

We are fully licensed to undertake battery removals and disposals in accordance with environmental legislation. Trained in the proper handling of hazardous materials, we will collect and remove your old batteries in approved containers before ensuring their safe and prompt disposal.

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Protecting your standby power with rigorous battery maintenance.

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