• Samurai VFI 6-10 kVA RTE


  • On-line UPS with high Power Factor 0.9
  • Compact rack/tower design – 3U (6KVA) or 5U (10KVA)
  • USB and Intelligent Slot for communication
  • Supports parallel operation


Samurai RTE 6–10 kVA
Samurai RTE 6–10 kVA
Samurai RTE 6–10 kVA
Samurai RTE 6–10 kVA

Technical specification

Samurai Power
Power6000 VA / 5400 W10000 VA / 9000 W
Output Power Factor0.9
Voltage range120-276 V AC Depends on Load Level
Dual InputYes
Max THDi<5%
Input PF≥ 0.99 at full load
Frequency Range45Hz – 55Hz or 54Hz – 66Hz
Nominal Output Voltage208/220/230/240 V AC
Pure Sine WaveYes
THDv≤2% Full Linear Load; ≤5% Non-Linear Load
Voltage Regulation±1%
Frequency (Battery Mode)±0,2Hz
Technical details
Load Crest Ratio3 : 1
BypassBefore UPS Power-on: Default “No” Change to “Yes” via display panel
Overload und UPS Failure: Automatically transfer to bypass
By Setting: Voltage Rang: 120-276V ± 3%
Batteries and autonomy time
Batteries12V 5Ah x1512V 9Ah x20
Recharge Time3h to 90%
Full Load Backup Time3.4 min3.8 min
Half Load Backup Time9.8 min12.5 min
Noise Level< 45dB
Temperature0°C – 40°C
Humidity0% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
Weight (kg)4682.5
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)438 x 698 x 129438 x 704 x 215.5
Giftbox weight (kg)5087.5
Giftbox size W x D x H (mm)955 x 305 x 578970 x 370 x 590

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