• UPS management


The UPS-Management Software is a client/server application for networks and local workstations. The UPS-Management Software is connected with the UPS by RS-232/485/USB cable. The software collects the messages sent from the UPS as a background software.


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UPS management
UPS management
UPS management

If the software detects voltage variations or a power loss, it can execute different system event routines, which for example may shutdown the server or send warning to connected users.

These system event routines, which are part of the UPS-Management Software, are fully customisable. You can program UPS routines (e.g. define dates for automatic UPS tests, shutdown the system at defined dates, etc.), check the status of the UPS, execute different UPS tests or create power quality statistics. You can also constantly monitor and evaluate the event protocol (log file) that is permanently updated. It is also possible to perform a simultaneous shutdown of several servers that are all supported by the same UPS.

  • Low battery warning, on-screen backup time, battery time countdown, UPS temperature such as battery and internal temperature, defect battery warning, time and date stamp event logging, extensive logging of all UPS activity and user messaging.
  • Battery management, surveillance and counter for power events.
  • SMTP compatible system with messaging service for e-mail to SMS or other external services.
  • Client/server software for heterogeneous networks with one-phased and three-phased UPS.
  • “Look & feel” is identical on all platforms.
  • Integrated SNMP agent for Mac, NetWare, MS-Windows™ NT/2000, Linux and SUN.
  • Supports all important network protocols for the graphical control of the UPS from every Windows Station in the network.
  • Automatic unattended shutdown of local and remote computers in networks (Master/Slave via RCCMD module).
  • Self-test function, such as economy mode, UPS temperature, battery load, power socket switching and UPS emergency cut-off.
  • Shutdown and test functions can be executed with a scheduler.
  • Graphic display quality of incoming power load frequency in minimum-maximum or average values.

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