Project Description

Samurai Battery LP 12V 18Ah

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1. Free-maintenance, no need for electrolyte refilling.
2. High energy density, small internal resistance, large discharge current.
3. Special formula (strong recovery capacity after deep discharge).
4. Adopting high purity raw material, strictly controlling the production process, ensuring each product index.
5. Adopting corrosion resisting calcium-lead-tin alloy plate bar realizing high sealed reaction efficiency to significantly
prolong the battery life.
6. Fully charged after assembly, convenient to use, safe and explosion resistant
7. Wide adapting temperature (-35~45 °C).
8. Low self-discharge (average self-discharge less than 3% per month under 20 °C).
9. No free electrolyte, can be used on the sides.

Rated Voltage (V)12
Dimensions D × W × H (mm)181 × 77 × 167
Total Height (mm)171
Weight (kg)4.9

• UPS and computer backup power.
• Solar and wind power generation system.
• Electronic instrument.
• Railway and ship system.
• Post and telecommunication industry.
• Electronic system.
• Emergency lighting system.
• Alarm system.
• National defense and aerospace system.
• Fire backup power.
• Peak load compensation energy storage device.