• Samurai SPYDC33


  • On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)
  • Parallel redundancy On-line UPS (up to 4 units)

  • Input power factor up to 0.99 (PFC technology)

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology
  • Common battery string for parallel units

  • IGBT technology (rectifier and inverter)

  • Internal static and manual bypass

  • 16/18/20 pcs 12 V batteries per string (adjustable)

  • 32/36/40 pcs 12 V batteries per string for 120 kVA units (adjustable)

  • ECO mode for energy-saving

  • Intelligent charging management

  • Self-test during UPS start-up

  • Internal and external batteries

  • Unbalanced load acceptable (generator mode)

  • Wide input voltage range

  • Battery (DC) cold start

  • LCD – LED double display with audible/visible alarms

  • ES485 and USB ports, dry contacts

  • EPO (Emergency Power Off)

  • Backfeed protection


  • SNMP card
  • Relay card

  • External maintenance bypass

  • Galvanic isolation transformer


Samurai SPYDC33
Samurai SPYDC33
Samurai SPYDC33
Samurai SPYDC33

Parallel Redundancy Mode

Up to 4 SPYDC33 systems can be connected in parallel to get maximum power capacity. Only one battery is necessary with the parallel redundancy mode.

Price-performance Ratio

The SPYDC33 series is our best “price-performance ratio” 3/3 phase UPS. Based on our modular UPS technology, we are able to offer extremely small UPS 10-30kVA solutions. With combination of our modular based UPS and a special DC/DC converter, UPS SPYDC33 can work with a battery voltage of only 192 to 240 VDC (adjustable). It allows us to reduce space, batteries and price.

Technical specification

Samurai SPYDC33

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